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Boost your Immune System to beat a Pandemic

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

There's never been a better time to boost your immune system than now. My proven health system, The Quadrant of Health is based on the premise that you need to practise all 4 quadrants simultaneously in order to optimise your health.

They include: Detox, Nutrition, Movements and High Vibes.

First of all, let's start with detox. You can refer to my other Sacred Morning Ritual Blog for information on oil pulling, Vortex Lemon Potion, celery juice.

Half an hour after the celery juice, you can have a heavy metal detox smoothies as it is important to remove heavy metals as viruses like the Epstein-Barr or Strep that have at least 70 different strains feed on metals like copper and mercury. According to the Medical Medium, these viruses are behind numerous conditions, 'autoimmune diseases' and 'mysterious diseases' for which the medical community doesn't have an answer. Heavy metals suppresses your immune system and can cause chronic diseases like, cancer and numerous mental conditions such as dementia, ADHD, autism, bipolar, depression, brain fog and anxiety etc.

Here's the recipe for a Heavy Metal Detox Smoothies by the Medical Medium

2 bananas

2 cups of fresh wild blueberries

or 2 tbsp of powdered wild blueberries

1 cup of cilantro

1 tsp of powdered Barley Grass Juice

1 tsp of Spirulina

1 tbsp of Atlantic dulse

1 Orange

1 cup of water (optional)

Blend all the ingredients and add water to your preferred consistency!

Fat suppresses our immune system because it feeds Epstein-Barr Virus and Strep bacteria. This breakfast smoothies substitute is the perfect alternative to one that is filled with fat that hinders the absorption of nutrients and stops the glycogen from entering the liver because it is too busy breaking down the fat which also lowers our blood oxygen level, impeding the healing process.

Grease also forms a bubble around the nutrients that then cannot enter the liver for processing and storage. When you think about it, most traditional breakfast is high in fat: butter on toast, avocados, eggs, soy yogurt, peanut or nut butter, milk, cream cheese etc. High or low quality fats are the same to the liver: it's simply hard work!

Then comes the nutrients, this is the Immunity Booster Kit that Vimergy has put together. Let's make it clear that neither the Medical Medium nor myself is sponsored by Vimergy but according to his research, it is the purest, most stable and efficient supplements available because there aren't any harmful additives, flavours or fillers.

Here's my personal list of all things that stimulate your immune system:

  • Zinc

  • Elderberry syrup

  • Golden seal

  • Cat’s claw

  • Vitamin B12, C & D

  • L-Lysine

  • Raw garlic & onions

  • Thyme & lemon water

  • Stay off fat because it suppresses your immune system: butter, chicken soup, bone broth, lamb, avocados, nuts & seeds, peanut or nut butter, dairy such as, eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk and soy products

  • Stay off corn & gluten, copper flasks as they feed both Epstein-Barr & Strep viruses, as do the items above

According to the Medical Medium, whenever you feel under the weather, a sore throat coming on, to deter a cold or a flu, you need to shield yourself with regular dosages of vitamins and minerals.

Zinc Shock Therapy:

•2 dropperfuls every 3 hours up to 12 dropperfuls a day for 2 days.

•Gargle it in your throat for optimal effect.

Here's how you do the Vitamin C Shock Therapy:

  • It takes a specific glucose that you’ll find mainly in raw honey, pure maple syrup & freshly squeezed citrus to bind into the right type of Vitamin C to derive into the cells. The raw honey and freshly squeezed orange juice combined directly attach themselves to the vitamin C, allowing the powerful delivery of antiviral, antibacterial healing nutrients to occur within the body.

  • For adults: 2500 mg capsules of Micro-C, 1 warm cup of water, 2 tsp of raw honey and freshly squeezed juice from one orange.

  • Stir and dissolve vitamin C in the warm water then add the rest. Repeat every 2 waking hours.

As for movements, I would recommend Wim Hof who is a Dutch guy who apparently never gets sick because he exposes himself to freezing cold temperature for long periods of time.

  • 20 deep breaths and hold

  • Take a deep breath and hold

  • Repeat once or twice

  • Take 20 deep breaths then do as many pushups as possible

  • Followed by an ice bath

  • Or take a cold shower for at least 2 minutes max 10 minutes

  • Or go for a walk in the cold, grounding if you can still feel your feet

  • The result is surprisingly refreshing and invigorating. This was how Wim Hof got out of his head and stopped his depressing train of thoughts on a loop.

Caution: Do not hold your breath in while you're in the ice bath, many end up passing out and drowning in the process. Do the breathing exercise separate from the bath.

Finally high vibes: Gratitude can boost your immune system as it generates the highest vibration together with love. Hence the Ho'oponopono mantra works also, "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you!" It also helps to develop your intuition as you are developing a better relationship with your higher-self as well as your inner child. Having an attitude of Gratitude is a brilliant way to start the day with and here's my favourite meditation that I practise after each yoga session. It is by the Monroe Institute and it's only 10 minutes long. Here's the link:

Gratitude begets things to be grateful for. When we consciously align ourselves with the emotion of gratitude, we will find more around us to fulfill us on a mind, body and soul level. Gratitude is the sole emotion that allows us to connect to the higher-self. Without gratitude, we could have everything on the material level and still be unfulfilled. Always remember to count your blessings...

And here's an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that taps on your meridians so as to unblock your energy and the tapping onto your brain to let yourself know that everything is going to be alright! And here's Brad Yate's link for loving your Inner child:

Self-care is self love, look after yourself before you can truly take care of others!

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