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Imagine waking up 
tomorrow feeling excited about your life…

Are you seeking change, feeling stuck, uncertain, or simply burnt out?

Sometimes life feels too confusing, we don’t know which way to turn and we end up going in downward-spirals.

This drains our happiness, our energy, our health and makes us unwell.

Life is unpredictably challenging and the future is unknown but is it?


You had clear and meaningful insights into your own life path?

You could feel more certain about the decisions you make? 

You could feel healthier and happier tomorrow?  

You could take simple steps and see profound results? 

What if:

Vicky jumping with excitement about life on Boca do Rio Beach in Portugal

Start living and loving your best life NOW!

Experience powerful holistic, integrative health and life coaching to help you live up to your best life.


Become empowered to master your own health and make life decisions with greater confidence through meaningful insights. 

Vicky is full of uplifting energy and positivity that brings sunshine into your life!

has led me to conclude that...

My quest for holistic


... It is essential to look at yourself holistically: both mentally and physically because they are interdependent.

... It is vital to prevent and eliminate inflammation so that chronic diseases don’t even get a chance to develop. 

... Your subconscious mind is always looking after and healing you; given that you have adequate nutrients and a non-toxic environment.

... Trust your own natural self-healing ability.

Without health, there is no happiness. Happiness is success.

¡Hola! I'm Vicky Vortex

What happens in a transformative coaching session?

Vicky’s renowned integrative coaching empowers you to master your life, health and purpose with greater confidence.  

What people

about working with me


I want to enjoy 2023 feeling confident and excited! 


Get Sorted

package for £299 usual price £880


Transform your life inside and out with Vicky's amazing unique and powerful life & health coaching solution

Strictly Limited Availability

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How Vicky's Life Coaching helped me steer my life… 
now I see Vicky 3 times a year 
to keep me on track! 

I booked in for a tarot reading with Vicky as it’s been a while since I last had a reading. I’ve been getting readings for the past 20 something years and it’s something I like to do for myself every so often. It’s nice to check in with yourself and have the cards give you clarity and confirmation with the stages of life you’re at. What I loved about this session with Vicky was that it was SPOT ON.


She picked up on how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been experiencing, where I’m currently at and what I’ve been intuitively feeling about next steps. It felt like a big relief to have it all shown so clear on a deck of cards. Vicky also gave me some practical life coaching tips on how to navigate through this current phase in my life. Along with her expertise as a holistic health coach, we also looked at my health condition and what would be helpful. 

I loved that the session was so well rounded! Gaining clarity and awareness of my current situation and how to navigate through it and to receive tips to help create next steps was exactly what I needed. Also, how often do you find a person that offers tarot readings, does past life regression, is yoga teacher, health coach & a healer all in one?! 

If you’re looking for any type of guidance in your life, health, business, relationship with self & others - Vicky is your go to person! 

May 2021


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