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Hello, I'm Vicky

I help women re-vitalise and become the healthiest version

of themselves through self-care, deep holistic coaching and wellness management. 

Your journey
starts here.

Experience the Vortex Vitality Method, Vicky's own, multi-disciplinary approach centred around complete wellness management.


Together we’ll evaluate your health, nutrition and lifestyle habits. You’ll receive a personalised roadmap and the tools to guide you, as you build better, lasting healthy habits.


Vicky's goal is to empower you to live without pain, perform at your absolute best and become the healthiest and most vibrant version of yourself.

Vicky jumping with excitement about life on Boca do Rio Beach in Portugal
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1.  Detox

     Remove toxins, heavy metals and pathogens in the liver 

     which is responsible for absorbing, storing and distributing

     nutrients; and protecting other organs including your brain.

2. Nutrition

     Discover how, what, and when to eat for your body and mind,

     learning how to develop personal yet beneficial nutritional

     habits while still enjoying the foods you love.

3.  Movement

      Optimised movement programming to enhance your strength,

      flexibility and balance based on your lifestyle. Addressing

      your unique needs, the exercises are consistently tailored

      based on how you respond every week.

4.  Positive Mindset

      Cultivate motivation, calmness and positivity through breath,

      mindfulness, gratitude, visualisation, affirmations, and

      addressing your deeper lifestyle patterns.

The 4 Essentials of Wellness Management.


Ignite your vitality &
start living your inspired life

Benefits of Holistic Coaching:

  1. Better weight & stress management​

  2. Better sleep, mood & mental health

  3. Prevent inflammation & chronic diseases

  4. Feel more energised, motivated & inspired

  5. Improved muscle quality & optimal body composition

  6. Gain strength, flexibility & balance to reduce risks of injury

  7. Gain clarity, confidence & insight

  8. Overcome self-limiting beliefs & negative self-talk

  9. Create lasting healthy habits

  10. Enhanced detoxification & create a safer environment

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Get Together

Join us every Sunday night 5pm UK 



One Week Free Trial!

Then monthly subscription of just £29.99 for first 30 subscribers.

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Get Together

JOIN Vicky's inspired, weekly
online coaching sessions

Every Sunday night check in with Vicky to map

your progress, receive nutrition and wellness updates, and meet other members of the Vortex Vitality community. 


You'll also receive FULL FREE ACCESS to the GET WELL online course valued at £29.99

Usual price £49.99
+ Get Well course valued at £29.99
Save £49.99!

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Coaching Designed Just For You
Female Friends
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Get Well

Designed for busy women who want optimal health & to fit the 4 Essentials of the Vortex Vitality Method into One Sacred Hour to start your day on the right note. The 4 Essentials include: Positive Mindset, Detox, Movements & Nutrition 

A group coaching programme that offers a weekly live Q&A session and a thriving community of like-minded people.

It includes access to the Get Well online course. The group keeps you supported, motivated and accountable

Get Together
Get Personal

Exclusive 1-on-1 VIP Vitality Coaching with Vicky with access to her Comprehensive Vortex Vitality Method online health coaching  as well as access to all of her other online courses: Get Well, Get Together & Get Pumped

Get Pumped

Muscles are our organs of longevity and survivability. The quality of our life correlates to the quality of our muscles. This comprehensive programme develops your muscles through diet and exercise 

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