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Vicky is a certified Advanced practitioner for: Tarot; Ho’oponopono; Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique (QHHT) Past Life Regression; Soul Speaks and a Hypnotherapist.

Vicky offers life coaching with unique insight into your situation.


Tarot is a powerful tool for Vicky to tap into her intuition with which

she can accurately and directly get straight to the heart of the issues: relationships, career, family and health.  These insights can help you move forward and make more informed decisions.

Life & Health Coaching
with a touch of Tarot.

What people

about Tarot Coaching by Vicky

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique (QHHT)


Created by Dolores Cannon who has healed thousands of people with her simple yet powerful hypnotherapy for past life regression. Often our current health and life issues stem from our past lives. Once we become conscious of what is hidden in our subconscious, the issues can go away.


Vicky’s soothing voice will take you back to your past lives after an i

n-depth consultation into your issues. You will stay conscious the whole time.


Dolores Cannon’s daughter Julia Cannon has created a healing technique called, Soul Speaks that translates one’s physical ailments literally into one’s spiritual and existential dilemma. Once we are aware of and act upon what our soul or our subconscious mind wants to communicate to us, the ailments often go away.

for QHHT with Vicky

Image by Joshua Reddekopp
Healing Just For You
Vicky Tarot_edited_edited.jpg

Spice up and inspire Group Tarot Parties & Corporate events. Experience Vicky’s positivity, wit & charisma at your curated event

Get Vortexed

Clarify your purpose & resolve deeper issues

by combining hypnotherapy, Tarot and past life regression with QHHT for a total transformation

Get Clear

A 1-hour in-depth look at your past & current health issues with tarot. Vicky will then offer you practical and applicable health & wellness coaching to help you overcome your struggles. 

Get Healthy

Ignite your vitality
and navigate your way
to wellness.

Discover your personal roadmap and the essentials of your life & health for 2023

Get Sorted

Get Sorted

Solution includes:


Ignite your vitality and navigate your way to wellness.


Discover your personal roadmap and the essentials

for your life & health as you face the future.​

£299 ­­­­


  • 1 hour exclusive zoom session with Vicky

  • Unique life and health coaching with Tarot

  • Follow-up report and reading explanation

  • A beautiful sealed Vortex Affirmation 

      Only to be opened when you feel it’s time to read.


Solution includes:

Get Healthy

Vicky Tarot_edited_edited.jpg

Get Healthy offers a one-hour in-depth look at your past and current health issues with tarot.


As a health coach, Vicky will then offer practical and applicable health and wellness coaching to help you overcome your struggles.


Vicky uses her intuition to go the heart of the matter, she will introduce you to new healthy habits and important changes in lifestyle that will alleviate your symptoms, be it mental or physical.

£299 ­­­­


  • 1-hour exclusive in-person or zoom session with Vicky

  • Unique health coaching with Tarot

  • A beautiful sealed Vortex Affirmation 

      Only to be opened when you feel it’s time to read.


Get Clear

Total Transformation Programme.

Image by Peter Conlan

Get Clear, intimate, insightful, inspiring.

In a face-to-face session with Vicky, you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about your life.


With a powerful combination of Tarot Life Coaching, hypnotherapy and past life regression through Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique (QHHT), Vicky will provide an intuitive view for you to make more informed choices, by gaining deeper insight

into your past, present, and future

Change your habits in 21 days

with hypnotherapy


Your investment: £888 

I only work with clients I am confident I can help.

In order to be considered please book a call with me below

Get Clear 3-part solution includes:

Part 1.

An initial one-hour in-depth interview on zoom to get laser-focused on your goals.

  • Followed by a  bespoke hypnotherapy audio recording  to remove blockages from your unconscious mind. Listen for 21 days before sleep to change your habits and cement your progress.


Part 2.

A two-hour in-person session combining:

  • Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique (QHHT) past life regression session, focusing on your past life and how that impacts your current life.

  • A past-life Tarot reading to consolidate and honour the soul lessons which you translate into applicable actions this life time

  • A Tarot reading on your past, present and future to gain deeper insight into your circumstances for the next 6 to 12 months, so you can move forward with greater reassurance and confidence.


Part 3.

A 30-minute follow-up coaching call after your 21 days to celebrate all that you have gained.

  • Email support throughout your 21 day programme.

The Process & What to Expect

Uncovering Root Causes for Your Healing to Occur 


I’ll gently guide you into a state of hypnosis where you’re relaxed and yet in complete control. You’ll gain insight from your past lives that will help you navigate your future 

Honouring Your Past & Building Confidence for the Future​

Using Tarot, we’ll honour and consolidate your soul lessons, and gain insights to enable to you to move forward with clarity, reassurance and confidence

Locking in Your Gains for a Meaningful Transformation


My tailored hypnosis audio recording will rewire you. You’ll listen to it for 21 days for total transformation, followed by a coaching session to celebrate and amplify your success!  


Get Vortexed

Solutions include:


Group Tarot Parties

Fabulous, fun, friendly


Imagine a cozy evening at home with good friends, colleagues, or family, a glass of champagne and scrumptious food. Add to that, Vicky’s charismatic energy, unique Tarot insights and a twist of humour for a fabulous, laughter-filled evening.​

4small copy_edited.png

Curated Tarot Events

Corporate, Weddings, Banquets

Entertaining, motivating and uplifting


Inspire your event with a curated infusion of refreshing Tarot insight and motivation in a

fun-filled, light-hearted way. Often the most popular form of ‘entertainment’ for any crowd,

at any given event! 

  • You and your guests each receive a private       25-minute reading. 

  • Insight into the next 6 to 12 months, so you can move forward with greater reassurance and confidence. 

  • Vicky will join in-person for a private group of up to 6-8 friends (4 hours)

  • 3-hour in-person curated engagement with Vicky’s charismatic energy

  • 10-minute individual private readings for each person on a first-come-first-served basis

  • Motivation, inspiration and entertainment for those who dare to join the ever-growing line​

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