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The Medical Medium Advanced 369 Cleanse Journal

My goal is to change my eating habits and lose my belly, so that I can teach people how to do it in my up-coming detox weight loss 6-week challenge in my new health coach app: Vitality With Vicky!

Day 1: It's all green!

It was a relief to have finally chosen the right detox to kick start this endeavour: the Medical Medium's 369 because it incorporates the heavy metal smoothies plus it's raw fruit and vegetables only, just like the 28-day cleanse. Plus I like the consistency of the streamlined recipes that are easy to follow.

It's not so overwhelming if you can make a batch of heavy metal detox smoothies that lasts for 3 days. You can also make a meal such as a salad or spinach soup that lasts for 3 meals as well. However, lemon and and celery juice would have to be freshly made as you lost nutrients by the hour.

Basically you would need to be super organised if you work in an office or you'd have to be at home to make everything fresh.

For the sake of simplicity, I had spinach soup for both lunch and dinner.

I did get a bit light-headed at one point so I had 3 apples and a date to boost my blood sugar level. I was feeling quite tired unusually early last night and I fell asleep by midnight. I usually am quite hyper at night and can't go to sleep until 3 am. So hopefully this cleanse will reset my body clock also!

Day 2: It's all liquid!

Today I had to whole shbang: lemon morning potion, heavy metal detox smoothies, spinach soup followed by a liver rescue smoothies for lunch.

I substituted dragon fruit with frozen blackberries and cherries and it tasted really good. The 2 bananas in there make it substantial enough to carry me through to dinner without any cravings or hunger. I like the fact that this cleanse is about abundance as opposed to deprivation.

As for dinner, I had the Tomato, cumcumber and herbs salad. I basically have 5 recipes to choose from and I picked this one because I felt that herbs are healing and my body was needing them. They are: basil, parsley and dill. I also like the raw onion and garlic. Remember to soak red onions in lime or lemon juice for 20 minutes to take away the pungentness.

And chop the garlic 45 minutes before using it so that its anticarcenmogenoc organosulfur compounds as well as nitric oxide are activated. Nitric oxide is a strong antioxidant that reduces the oxidation of LDL, therefore it prevents hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Tonight I had 2 plates of salad to consume.

It was too much for me to chew so I decided to just blend it and it tasted surprisingly good!

Day 3

Epiphany: As long as you have all the ingredients of the recipes, you can simply just blend them all together and make it simple for yourself!

I have also discovered quite a few organic produce at Waitrose today! However, I've supported a local farmer at the market from across the street today which I felt good about even though it wasn't organic!

I'm so pleased that we bought this in Istanbul. It's super useful if u were to squeeze at least 4 lemons a day!

This Omega 900 celery juicer is indispensable as it gets every drip of the juice out of the otherwise very difficult to juice herb! Celery juice is not a vegetable juice but a highly healing herbal tonic!

Day 4: I exercises in the park next door in the sunshine barefooted for some Vitamin D and grounding to get rid of EMF. Having contact with the earth for half an hour a day can detoxify you of EMF and rid of inflammation.

Day 5: Today I'm going to have the Kale Salad smoothies for dinner. I’ve made a big enough batch for the next 4 dinners. This is a great way to save time!

Day 6 - 8: Double celery juice. 64 oz altogether to be drunk in the morning and early evening to deepen the cleanse.