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In the Quest for the Perfect Water

Updated: Apr 6, 2023


The essential ingredient for detox.

Since we are made up of 70% water, therefore, it’s important to pay attention the type of water that we drink as we need the right water for a proper detoxification and rehydration process. First of all I’m going to talk about what I personally use: Gravity Filter - it reduces sediment, cysts, bacteria, heavy metals, lead, fluoride and it doesn’t require plumbing.

In this jug, I have a WATER FILTER pouch inside that improves taste and smell, adds minerals including zinc, magnesium, selenium & iron, eliminates heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, copper & lead, greatly reduce fluoride and chlorine.

However, alkaline water would sit in your stomach until it becomes acidic enough to be processed, adding more workload to the stomach. After filtering, I use a Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) water activator, which was invented by a Russian doctor called, Dr. Smirnoff.

Dr. Smirnoff studied and recreated the mountain water that has apparently cured the cancer patients who had been exposed to radiation from Chenobyl. The machine mimics and recreates the structure of the mountain which was linear, as opposed to a cluster. It helps with:

1. The restructuring of the water molecules, making it 6 times easier for our cells to absorb.

2. Heightened intracellular functions means that our body can detox, regenerate, and recover faster. Creation of cells, especially red blood cells, happens at a more efficient manner.

3. As cell regeneration rate increases, the process of ageing becomes slower. Wrinkles disappear as skin cells regenerate faster, leading to more elastic and glowing skin.

4. Better transportation of nutrients with efficient extermination of wastes leading to better health. As a result, a harmonious body affords you deeper sleeps, clearer thinking, and it increases your vitality.

Before I get into other types of water, the Medical Medium warn us against using the Alkaline ionising water machines because water gets electrolysed, oxidised, ions get separated, ends up destroying the water, making it dead water.

The metal plates corrode and expand over time, the toxic heavy metals oxidise and discharge into the water. There’s no purifier for both pathogens and heavy metals both pre and post the process of electrolysis, injuring electrolytes and minerals, the metals become free radicals with an electric charge to it, together with the dead impurified water that gets ionised, making it all the more toxic. The vampire water takes as opposed to give and you end up getting even more dehydrated by drinking it. We need living water in order to heal.

Reversed Osmosis was what I used to have before I started travelling around.

It purifies water which is not dead and you can add lemon or lime to make it living water. You can also put it into the sun in a blue glass bottle for half an hour and it brings it back to life. There are still some trace minerals in it and it doesn’t rob you of minerals. My RO machine that I had actually had corals to remineralise the water.

If you drink Spring Water, make sure there’s no salt added and that it’s from a reputable Mountain Spring. Spring water is high in minerals, that communicate with one another. There are no minerals in distilled water but it’s still not dead water. It’s clean water and you can bring it back to life by adding lemon. Most pathogens and metals are gone but it’s not totally pure because there was no filtration.

As for the small plastic pitchers with a filter on top, it doesn’t filter out everything but it’s still better than straight tap water.

When it comes to travelling, Volvic is properly mineralised by volcanic rocks and it’s not stored in cheap plastics. Fiji is also good.

Getting your drinking water right is the first step to get you on the right track when it comes to optimising your health!

How do you optimise your consumption of water?

Try to drink at least 6 to 8 cups of water throughout the day. Try creating triggers like having a glass when you wake up.

Add flavour: add lemon or lime, infuse your plain water with fresh basil, cucumber, fruits, or a few crushed cranberries.

Chew it: water from solid foods counts too! Use ingredients like oranges, apples, cucumbers, celery, strawberries, cauliflower and watermelon.

Avoid dehydration, which can affect your performance. If you feel fatigued or have trouble concentrating, you may need to drink more and avoid caffeine and alcohol which dehydrate you.

Lemon, coconut water and watermelon are full of electrolytes that will make you stay hydrated.


The Truth About Cancer (a documentary by Ty Bollinger)




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