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It’s Time to Detox!

I have just finished building my own health coaching app but would like to do a detox weight loss challenge before the launch. For that, I absolutely need to walk the talk or I’d be hypocrite! I am sick and tired of carrying that belly that I’ve had since I was a kid. It’s a real burden and if I were to be taken seriously as a health coach, I have to look the part, there’s just no way around it! I’m my own logo after all.

After much deliberation and procrastination, I’ve decided to embark on the Medical Medium’s Advanced 369 cleanse from his book, “Cleanse to Heal” that involves a cycle of 9 days of detox with lots of raw fruit and vegetables. I’ll kick-start my 28-day cleanse with that first then I’ll eat only raw fruit and vegetables for the rest of the month.

The fat around the mid-section is likely to be coming from a fatty liver. It’s time to give my liver a break from all the dietary fats, toxins and pathogens. I had been meaning to do a cleanse since October last year, and now that I have all the equipments and that I’m alone for 10 days, I can finally get around to it! The timing is just perfect!

The Medical Medium’s 28-day cleanse from his first book, "Medical Medium: Secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal" is design to realign the soul with the body, so that we don’t mistake the cravings from our injured soul for comfort or junk food as the cravings of the body. Over the next 28 days, it’s all about eating restorative and healing foods that will help us to reduce inflammation and it will make a huge difference in our mental health.

The cleanse enables us to tune out all the misinformation and noise about all the diet trends so that we can focus on restoring our bodies and healing our soul. It’s like pressing a reset button, and towards the end, we can get rid of our unhealthy food addiction and bad eating habits. We will make much better food choices in future.

The reason why this cleanse is so effective is because it maximises the nutrition every time we eat. Raw fruit, vegetables, herbs and wild food contain the highest level of nutrients that are bioavailable and their live enzymes make it easy for digestion. Their vitamins, trace minerals, antiseptic compounds, antioxidants, phytonutrients will enable to cleanse and strengthen every system in the body.

The cleanse will enhance our liver and digestive health that will benefit our immunity and overall health. While our liver isn’t busy processing dietary fats, protein and we‘re not feeding the viruses with eggs and gluten, it frees up all the energy for our body to rebuild itself on a cellular level. This also helps us to cleanse and rebuild our soul. As our body remineralises, detoxifies, repairs and rejuvenates, our soul will reeducate itself and learn that fruit and vegetables are the true sustenance for comfort food.

As a result, our body, spirit and soul will operate on a new frequency. Each piece of raw fruit and vegetables holds a high living vibration and by consuming it, we also assimilate that vibration. Living food and water will literally bring us back to live and make us vibrant!

Throughout the cleanse, we need to stay hydrated with two 16 ounces of lemon potions morning and night, at least 32 ounces of water in between, plus herbal tea as well as coconut water. We also need to have a heavy metal detox and liver rescue smoothies daily. We can add lemon to the water to make it living water. It’s important that we flush out all the toxins on a cellular level.

I will keep a journal on my detox journey and keep you posted!! This is very exciting! Stay tuned!!

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