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Out with the toxins, in with the nutrients!

Imagine that you get up in a cold winter morning, you are shivering while swishing coconut oil in your mouth, and you step into a hot cozy zip-up far-infrared sauna, which is one of the best and direct way of pulling toxins right out of your cells without them going through your blood stream like in a normal sauna. The far-infrared rays penetrates about 3 inches into the body and if you add an amethyst crystal into the outer pocket, you can increase the rays' ability to penetrate the body by about 6 more inches.

One percent of our sweat contains heavy metals. The sauna can be used for an hour daily followed by an ice bath or shower to refresh and stimulate your immune system. The best thing about it having a foldable sauna at home is that you can still drink water, watch Netflix, read a book and use a phone, so you would never be bored like in a traditional sauna. Far-infrared sauna therapy is the perfect prevention and sometimes, even cure for chronic diseases. Detoxing is the best way to start the day, and there are many enjoyable ways to pursue it! The key is not to detox for just a week every year, it should definitely be a daily effort as toxins accumulate over time and they can eventually lead to chronic diseases. After a hot shower or bath, dry brush your skin towards your heart to stimulate lymphatic circulation as well as exfoliation.

Another great way of increasing your lymphatic circulation is rebounding on a trampoline. Since our lymphatic system has no pump, we need to help its circulation manually. Skipping ropes or on a trampoline at home offer you a good session of cardio exercise as well as detox. If you have trouble with mobility, ask someone else to bounce on the trampoline on your behalf whilst you sit on the edge to still get the benefits. Lymphatic drainage or Swedish oil massages are a manual way of draining your lymph. It's soothing and rejuvenating. Make sure that the masseur is stoking towards the heart, is the direction in which lymph travels. You would be surprised how most masseurs don't even know this! If they strike towards your extremities like your hands and feet, then the lymph would get stuck in the dead ends instead of detoxing.

First thing in the morning, swish a tablespoonful of coconut oil around your mouth for 10 minutes before drinking or eating anything is a great way to pull of toxins, heavy metals, virus and bacteria from your blood stream. Coconut oil is antiseptic; it kills the bacteria that causes plaque on your teeth.

Half an hour after the pure celery juice and lemon potion, you can have a heavy metal detox smoothies as it is important to remove heavy metals as viruses like the Epstein-Barr or Strep that have at least 70 different strains feed on metals like copper and mercury. According to the Medical Medium, these viruses are behind numerous conditions, 'autoimmune diseases' and 'mysterious diseases' for which the medical community doesn't have an answer. Heavy metals suppresses your immune system and can cause chronic diseases like, cancer and numerous mental conditions such as dementia, ADHD, autism, bipolar, depression, brain fog and anxiety etc.

Here's the recipe for a Heavy Metal Detox Smoothies by the Medical Medium

2 bananas

2 cups of fresh wild blueberries

or 2 tbsp of powdered wild blueberries

1 cup of cilantro

1 tsp of powdered Barley Grass Juice

1 tsp of Spirulina

1 tbsp of Atlantic dulse

1 Orange

1 cup of water (optional)

Blend all the ingredients and add water to your preferred consistency!

Fat suppresses our immune system because it feeds Epstein-Barr Virus and Strep bacteria. This breakfast smoothies substitute is the perfect alternative to one that is filled with fat that hinders the absorption of nutrients and stops the glycogen from entering the liver because it is too busy breaking down the fat which also lowers our blood oxygen level while oxidising the heavy metals in your brain and body, making it impossible for your cells to get rid of heavy metals.

A salt bath with magnesium flakes from the Dead Sea, Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender oil is the most relaxing and pleasant way of detoxing. Soak for an hour to make sure that absorb all the detoxing goodness. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin and it is extremely important for your cardiovascular system and bone health. Many people are deficient in magnesium which can lead to poor health.

As for a detoxing diet, gradually eliminate foods that are inflammatory and see if it changes anything for you. This is a good way of testing which food you might be allergic to. Start with say dairy for a month, then grains for a month, then sugar, deep-fried food, nuts and seeds. Keep a food diary to keep track of how your body and your mind react.

Earthing, or standing or walking barefooted on wet sand and earth is a great way to detox yourself of electromagnetic field (EMF) generated by electronics like your computer, TV and phones. Walk half an hour accumulatively everyday to purify your of EMF. Wet sand and earth increases the conductivity, making it even more effective while you benefit from the negative ion that nature has to offer.

Self-care is self-love! Carve out some time everyday for it....

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