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The Magic of Ho'oponopono Yoga

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of self-transformation and healing. It was originally created to resolve family issues. It is based on the belief that we are responsible for our own thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and that by taking responsibility for our lives, we can cleanse and heal the past, present, and future.

The practice involves repeating five simple phrases, called the Ho'oponopono mantras, as a form of self-reflection and personal responsibility. The mantras are:

"I love you." - You're opening the door to the divine or your higher self.

"I'm sorry," - Acknowledging the fact that you have misunderstood the nature of reality which you had believed that it was coming at you.

"Please forgive me," - I now understand that reality is coming from my own memories, please cleanse and purify my mind so that I have a more beautiful projection of reality. My fate is in my own hand.

"Thank you," - Expressing gratitude to your higher self for having transmuted all negativity into positivity.

"I forgives myself" - the universe, or the divine has forgiven me, and now I start with a clean slate and I'm liberated from my bad karma.

Another interpretation of the phrases by Tony Robbins can also help you to forgive yourself and others:

"I forgive you" - I will release this from myself and it's no longer my problem. I will no longer allow the situation to block or affect me.

"I'm sorry" - I acknowledge this situation and I'm sorry for holding on it for so long. I will no longer allow it to hurt me.

"Thank you" - thank you for all the lessons that situation has taught me. Thank you for this opportunity to grow.

"I love you" - infuse the situation with love. This will enable you to get through it because everything is accomplished with love.

The words "I love you" & "Thank you" have the highest vibration in the English language. Whether it's thought of, spoken or written, these words generate positive energy that imprints onto the water. The Ho'oponopono practitioners believe in the healing power of blue solar water. Simply add water into a blue glass bottle with a plastic, not metal lid on it and leave it in the sunshine for 15 minutes, you can charge the water with healing energy. To make it last, add a drop of the blue solar water into another bottle of keep adding water to the bottle before it's empty.

Ho'oponopono can be practiced anytime, anywhere, and does not require any specific equipment or skills. The practice is simple, yet powerful, and can help to release negative thoughts and emotions, create a sense of inner peace and harmony, and promote personal growth and spiritual development.

Ho'oponopono is not limited to any specific culture or spiritual belief, and it can be practiced by anyone who is interested in self-reflection and personal growth.

While Ho'oponopono is a spiritual practice that involves taking responsibility for one's thoughts, feelings, and actions, and using repetitive phrases to release past traumas and negative energy. Yoga, on the other hand, is a physical and mental practice that involves physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

When combined, Ho'oponopono and yoga can provide a holistic approach to physical and emotional well-being. The physical postures of yoga can help release physical tension and stress, while the breathing and meditation components can support the mental and emotional release encouraged by Ho'oponopono. The practice of Ho'oponopono can also bring a deeper level of self-awareness and responsibility to one's yoga practice.

Vicky Vortex has combined the Ho'oponopono mantra with her vinyasa yoga series. It's a very powerful practice because it's uplifting and you can feel a shift of your energy afterwards.

If you're familiar with Dr. Emoto's studies on the impact that thoughts and words have on water molecules, you can imagine how 70% of our body would turn into beautiful snowflakes. The results are palpable, you'll feel so much better both mentally and physically with the practice.

Book a discovery call with Vicky on and discuss how you can move forward on your journey to optimal health. Vicky is a certified yoga and Pilates teacher, breath coach and an advanced Ho'oponopono practitioner.

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