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Worried about ageing? This proven technique is changing millions of lives!

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The tonic’s unique cluster salts are a life-saver

Believe it or not, 16 fluid oz of celery juice in the morning is the most potent herbal medicine that can slow the process of ageing!

After your lemon potion in the morning, wait for at least half an hour before you drink your celery juice because you absolutely have to drink it pure because celery juice is actually a herbal tonic and not a vegetable juice. So do not mix it with water, lemon or any other juices. Make sure that you strain it so that there is no pulp.

Celery juice is unique because of the cluster salt that separates heavy metals from fat molecules that cause the heavy metals in your body to oxidise, in other words, to rust and they form an alloy that erodes and damages your cells. If heavy metals oxidise in your brain, brain damage occurs, by definition, the rusting of heavy metals in our body is what causes ageing. Therefore, celery juice is an important antioxidant that keeps you young.

Fat molecules are what block the process of heavy metal detox. If there’s too much fat in our diet and blood, it would be virtually impossible to detox because fat molecules bind together with heavy metals, giving off a toxic electrical charge. Thankfully, when the cluster salt of the celery juice gets in contact, it neutralises the charge, making the heavy metals less toxic and damaging to our cells.

It is also antiseptic that kills Epson-Barr Virus, Strep bacteria and shingles that are the root causes of numerous chronic diseases. It nourishes and hydrates our neural transmitters, enabling our nervous system and brain to function optimally.

For those who have digestive problems or high cholesterol, the cluster salt in celery juice rejuvenates the stomach glands and the gall bladder which enable us to digest protein and break down fat properly, preventing them to go rancid in our gut, further feeding the pathogens that live inside it.

Celery juice cures over 200 chronic diseases, it’s an indispensable way to start our day even if it’s just for prevention!

In order to get the full benefit, celery juice must be consumed pure and alone at least half an hour after your morning potion on an empty stomach. It is also to be consumed within 24 hours, bear in mind that it loses its nutrients by the hour.

Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, celery juice enhances everything else that you consume, even if you’re not on a cleanse. If you’re on a cleanse, it maximises the effects of heavy metal detox and other health benefits. It acts as an amplifier and makes whatever that you’re doing in service of your wellness all the more potent.

While it doesn’t make junk food any healthier, it helps you to manage its impact on your health.


1. Take 2 bunches of organic celery, remove the leaves and soak in 1 tablespoonful of baking soda and a litre of water to clean.

2. Run it through a slow, masticating juicer as opposed to a highspeed juicer that can cook the juice by the heat in the motor.

3. Or use a blender and strain the pulp with a cheesecloth or mesh strainer if you prefer.

Celery juice is medicinal and here are its other benefits:

· Hydration: great for skin and hair

95 per cent of celery is water, which means that it helps your skin stay supple and hydrated. The antioxidant properties detox and remove free radicals from your skin, which makes it appear clearer. It contains vitamins A,B,K, niacin and folate that help rejuvenate and repair the skin which then glows. The vitamins also help hydrate the scalp, nourish hair roots and promote hair growth.

· Anti-inflammatory and alkaline: good prevention for chronic diseases like cancer. The flavonoids that celery juice contains also protect us against cancer, cardiovascular diseases and dementia.

· Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol: the butylphthalide that gives celery such a pungent smell and taste reduces bad cholesterol and blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels and lowering stress hormones.

· Weight loss: every celery stick contains only 6 calories and they are filling too!

· Digestive health: rich in both water soluble and insoluble fibre, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, celery juice is perfect for your gut health. It reduces acid reflux and helps repair the stomach lining. Perfect for those who have stomach ulcers.

· Sleep quality: high in magnesium, which promotes sleep.

· Since it's antibacterial and it's high in mineral salts, celery juice is perfect for your gum and teeth. It prevents tooth decay and gum diseases.


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