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Ho'oponopono Yoga & Pilates Series

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Vicky Vortex is a certified Yoga & Pilates teacher, as well as an advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner. She has combined the powerful ancient Hawaiian mantra with her original Yoga & Pilates series that is 90-minute long. The mantra was originally designed to resolve family issues and now is used as a cleaning tool for our memories from which our reality is projected. She explains the meaning behind the phrases in the video: I love you I am sorry Please forgive me Thank you I forgives myself The words, "I love you, thank you" have the highest vibrations in the English language. They have the power to raise your vibration and transform the water molecules that make up 70% of our body into beautiful snowflakes according to Dr. Emoto. The results are palpable! Ho'oponopono Yoga & Pilates Series is the perfect way to work on your body, spirit and your mind. Here's Vicky's blog and deeper explanation of the series:

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